The New Nissan 460, er… 370 Z

Once again, Nissan North America graciously hosted the media dinner for all us humble scribes happy to report upon the succulent stirrings from within the automotive world and the Chicago Auto Show. This year, the bar was raised as each member of the press was treated to a 9 course meal at a local Japanese sushi and steakhouse.

Wine and liquor flowed rampantly, much to the author’s delight. Perhaps it was because they’d run out of press kits for the 2013 Nissan 370-Z, or because we were all American, but as the whiskey (18 yr scotch!) flowed, the conversation quickly turned to muscle cars.

Fittingly for Brohammers, most of these guys had some luxo-muscle in their stable at one time or another, so I was able to regale them with a story of my first Broham, a ’75 LTD with a 460 V-8 that whipped the snot out of an 80s GMC short bed pickup with what I assumed had to be a 350 variant. The truck’s powerplant should not have been any larger, because light to light I beat it from Johnny Cash’s hometown all the way to Barbara Mandrell’s hometown, with 3 people in the car.

I didn’t get to tell them about the fastest car in town back then, the little known performance edition LTD II. It had a blueprinted 460 with the coveted Boss heads and got into the tall 9s on spray.

I owe it all to Nissan for reconnecting me with my fellow car brethren, including Stretch, a friend I made last year who is the videographer for And, as we all know, Japan has produced it’s own muscle for over 20 years.

Poised on its more muscular haunches and looking like a bulldog set to attack, the all new Nissan 2013 370Z cut a dashing figure against the Chicago skyline. Bringing more seductive sheet metal was but one of many upgrades for this storied marque. Borrowing refinement and luxury from her Infiniti twin and better handling and more grunt overall, Z fans will not be disappointed, but Skyline owners might get a little more nervous rolling up to one of these at the next red light.

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